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Mark's record
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that bull black
drum mostly
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World Record
and almost Record
aboard Red Chaser
Mark Markmann with
new 4# tippet record,
38.75 # Black Drum,
July 30, 2005
Mark with an almost 2#
tippet record on Black
Drum .  The fish weighed
but the line class broke
0.04 hundredths over.
Mark with the new 6#
tippet World  Record
for black drum, 45#
caught on, believe or
not July 30, 2006
Dec. 1, 2007 Mark Markmann
and I land this beast!  An  
Alligator Gar weighing 34# and
measuring 54", on 4# tippet!  
Check out those teeth below!
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Dec. 2, 2008  Fred Baruth with a  
new record on 4# tippet, 29+#
redfish.  It only took Fred 35
minutes to land the prize.
New World Record
29# redfish    4# tippet
Fred Baruth,
Colorado Springs, CO.
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July 2012  Eizo with summer catches  Top left 26# red; top right
43# black drum ; bottom left 28# red;  bottom right 36# BD.
Rob Lazarine with his biggest
red 23#
Kirby with a 33# Black
Greg Abramson with a 23# red.
Neil Peters with his his  25# red l
David Diaz above 31# red &
below a 42# Black Drum
Wake with his
catch of the
week. 28#
Jack Bolster   
24# red
Paul with a 33# red.  
He is one lucky son of
a gun!
Ms. Sakagawa with
her big red 22#
Jason & Jody
doing the
dance with
the two reds  
Jody on the
left with  a
30# bull &
Jason with a
24# red.   
Jason with
his 25# Jack.
Michael Orcutt
with his big fish.  
24# red
John Simons and his biggest red to date, 29#
Bob Shook with his biggest red ever right 24#
Cousin Tommy Theriot  
with a nice 24# bull
Greg Abramson with his
own beast.  Oh he was
the photographer for
Mahaffey's fish.
Competition is TOUGH
with this BAMA boys!
Mike Mahaffey with his biggest
red a 31# beast.  He would look
bigger if the photographer
would not have cut 8 pounds
off the fish!
Tom Theriot
with a 22# red,
one of only two
he caught.
7/5/14  A tale of two Captains-  
Jerry "Bubba" Grubb with his 26.5# red & Capt. Kirby left
with his 28.5# red below.   This is what happens when
the retirement fishing guide gods look down upon you.
Holly with her 35# beast
left and Holly and Kirby
with her 33# bull right.  
Does She  know how
special these two bulls
are to catch in 2 feet of
water within and hour in
July 26, 2014  Rob Lazarine  left with his biggest 27#,
Rob in middle holding the double his 18# & my 28#
9/31/14  Rob
posing with our
double left &
right with his
27# bull red.
9/7/14  Chris Lazarine in his glory!! Left is his 30# tail hooked bull red and below is his cuddled
33# bull that has a taste of Disney world.  This guy catches two fish with special tail stories.  
Take a look at the inset picture below right.  This is real funny because at one time Chris was
thinking about interning at Disney World!    Omen, coincidence?  No, just freakin lucky!!!!    I
have seen this spot detail once before 12 years ago but not to this perfection!
Sept. 26   That lucky little %$#@!  Chris with another bull!  26# red caught with a
commie rod and reel!  Thomas is photo bombing wanting to ge this pic with the fish
so he can claim it!  Or maybe he was just happy for him?  Yeah right, There is NO