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Kirby LaCour, Jr.

Since 1984  Kirby has fished the marshes of southeast Louisiana for
redfish and other inshore species.  In 1994 he was one of only two
guide services that began to pioneer fly fishing in Louisiana.  Kirby
took it beyond just redfish and speckled trout and pursued many other
inshore species and freshwater game fish also.  In 1999 he decided to
target only inshore saltwater species only and found his slogan,
the fish, Catch the Fish"!
He is an avid fly fisher, fly tyer and regularly does seminars and
speaking engagements on fly fishing and fly casting around the United
As an author & photographer he has been published in numerous
articles for magazines and books on fly fishing in Southeast Louisiana
& the Gulf Coast.  

He has produced 6 World Record Catches on fly rod for clients.  Two of
which are black drum.  In the last 10 years there have been over 800
black drum landed over 20#.

Background before guiding:
He is a native of south Louisiana, growing up in a small "cajun" town
on the banks of the Atchafalaya River.  Hunting, fishing, trapping, and
the outdoors were a way of life, not just hobbies.  
In 1990 he returned to college to pursue two B.A.'s simultaneously, one
in Criminal Justice, the other in Communications and graduated in
Before guiding he worked in shipyards and the tourist business as a
Security/Safety Director.   Another sideline is he teaches  public
speaking through his Speak EZ Program.
Your partner does not fly fish or fish at all
We do not only fly fish, but provide the following
services for the fisher and non-fisher:
  • spin or casting tackle   
  • incredible scenic views, birding, and wildlife
    abound for outstanding photo op's
  • fantastic sunrises & sunsets
  • Also, the peace and quiet is a joy in itself.  The
    quiet can be deafening!

See Me?    O.K....Now Catch Me!
Phone   504-416-9859
Just another
wonderful sunset
over a red fish flat
Other services we proudly offer are:

Fly Casting Lessons; Basic & Advanced

Fly Tying Lessons; Beginner & Advanced

Fly Fishing & Sight Fishing Seminars on Redfish, Black
Drum and Fishing Opportunities within Louisiana

Fly Casting Seminars & Cast Analysis with Corrections

Consultations on fly fishing & casting tackle
This is the type boat you will fish from.  Just
imagine that could be you enjoying a
wonderful day in the Louisiana marsh
Standing on the bow of the boat your eyes scan the
water looking for that contrast of color, nervous
water, a slightly darker spot on the bottom.  This is it,
the hunt, the stalk, all the preparation & anticipation,
looking for that opportunity........The boat moves
forward slowly, quietly, and the quiet is broken, The
captain calls out,
"Redfish, 10 o'clock & 30 feet!  
Point your rod, left, left, Stop, there!"
 Yes, you see it,
now cast and ....
"He ate it, strip set, clear your line,
keep you rod low,  that's it, now enjoy the ride!"     
Just another day in the greatest red fishery in the
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