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Over the past few years I have been battling health issues that have slowed me down and as of recent times has called for
me to hang up the pushpole.  Many of you have been notified of my retirement and for those of you that have not, well I
guess this is it.  I have enjoyed, no I have relished the opportunities of pushing so many anglers around the marshes of SE
Louisiana for over 19 years.  So many of you are not just clients, but dear friends.  THANK YOU!!

I hope to remain in touch and continue to be of service to you.  This website will remain in operation providing information
you may need as well as fishing reports.  I hope to post pictures sent to me from your trips with one of the guides you fish
with when booking with us.  Just email them to me with a short report and I will post them.

Also, I will continue to teach fly casting, tie flies, do seminars, and be a resource to those in the fly fishing community.  Do not
worry spin casting anglers will not be discriminated against.

FYI  the fly fishing in Louisiana is reaching an unbelievable peak.  Please, be sure to get your
fishing dates secured months in advanced.  There are limited reputable guides.
Current Fishing Conditions and Strategies    
Update 10/13/15
October is finally here and the fishing conditions
are vastly improving.  The water is cooling off, the
winds have laid to a typical October pattern and
the fish are returning to the flats.
Tides are shifting around and you will find lower
tides early and the tide rising in the late morning
more often.
When fishing shallow, make your approach to
your fishing water quiet.  Noise is more of a
problem this time of year.
Deeper water with tidal movement is going to be
best for trout and watch for the birds feeding.

Best colors for trout and reds in fall/winter are
usually, brown & chartreuse, black & chartreuse,
purple & white .  Popcorn bettles in clear,
chartreuse & red, avocado with red flake.

Use the lightest jig heads possible so the bait will
fall slower.  If I can use 1/8oz over oyster beds
and the slower fall works great.  Use a strong
hook when fishing for reds and long hook jigs for

Fish reds early and trout later in the day.  Black
drum & sheephead will come up on the flats later
in the day.  Dead shrimp on a #5 treble hook
works great.
Fly fishing techniques

Fall fly fishing is HERE!!!

Reds are starting to move to feeding more on minnows and
crabs.  There are still some shrimp in the marsh so shrimp
patterns are still working.  As it gets cooler and the shrimp & crabs
get scarce minnow patterns will work best.  
My favorite fall patterns are:  T-Meaux's, Krimps, Kreature's & of
course Clousers!
Since the water can be cleaner, use darker flies in olive, brown,
black, and purple.  These colors are closer to baitfish colors.

I advocate fishing 8wt rods and 15# tippet and fight the fish
hard and get them in the boat.  Cameras should be ready to go,
take a quick photo, keep only what you need & release the rest,
IF YOU ARE FISHING BULL REDS, opt for a 10 wt rod and fish
larger flies like B-3's, & Geaux Meaux's.  Don't worry a smaller red
will eat a large fly, but a big red may  not eat a small fly.

Check out our flies on the Kosmic Flies Page.
Fall favorite plastics
Trout                                                               Reds
DOA   CAL  3" shad Plastics below from
top to bottom
Black & chartreuse
Rootbeer Chartreuse,
Avocado red flake
Figi Stix
Purple White
DOA  Curl tails
Copper Gold Rush
Rootbeer Chartreuse
H&H Beetle spin
SPOONS IN 1/4 & 1/2 OZ.

Fall is starting to show itself with water temps starting to come down into the low 80's.  The winds are
shifting to a normal pattern instead of the constant west wind we have had all summer. The water out of
Port Sulpher is finally clearing and the fish are moving back on the flats.   Along with the bull reds the
black tip sharks began there migration into the shallows as well.

I am really looking forward to the fall fishing and am very excited about how business is with Kosmic
Flies!  Check out the web page and see our new colors and patterns available!  If you need flies for this
fall season contact us ASAP!  Orders are piling up and we do not want to disappoint anyone.

Please check out the Photo page to see the latest catches & the Trophy page for bulls.

Sept 26  Thomas Theriot brought his bay boat and we had a family fishing trip.  The weather was not
what was forecast but we worked hard and landed some nice trout up to 20" and reds of 6-26#.  It was a
long boat ride to find active fish, but it was a fun day.  Lot of gags and jokes, but everyone fished hard.  
Thomas even photo bombed Chris when we photographed Chris' bull 26# red.
The next day Thomas, Chris and myself went to Myrtle Grove to try to beat the weather and catch a few
reds.  While fishing Thomas and I gave Chris some marital advice since he is planning to wed next Oct..  
It got so funny I almost threw my rod overboard!  Then lightning struck within a mile of us and we got
the crap out of dodge.

Sept  20

Robert & Chris Lazarine and myself decided to give it another try but this time I opted for fishing with fly
rod since they had fished with commie tackle that morning and scoring 0.  Within ten minutes I missed
one and landed one.  Chris & Rob decided to try it out and Chris landed his first red on fly and lost  
another, then Rob landed one, then I hooked one and let Chris fight it.  Chris is about to convert I think!
If you have a question or are just looking for more information about sight fishing, fly fishing,
tackle, or getting a great fishing guide,
  call  504-416-9859
or email
Port Sulphur
Water Temp    80

Water quality
fair to good

Clarity  fair
visiblility 6-15"