Kosmic Flies  &   Leaders
by  Kirby LaCour
When I started guiding I was totally confused on what flies would work on redfish and other species of fish
in the Louisiana marsh and along the whole Gulf Coast.  Sure some of the standard saltwater fly patterns
worked well, and still do, but I wanted flies that performed in a variety of conditions, imitated different types
of bait, and of course I did not want a lot of different patterns.  Just a handful I could adapt and rely on year
round and this led to the creation of the
Eight Kosmic Flies.

The Kosmic Killer was the first pattern, followed by the Kreature, the Bunny-Bou, the Geaux Meaux (developed from the Kreature &
named by David Diaz), the T-Meaux,  the Drummer Boy,the B3, and finally, the Krimp .  There were other patterns along the way, but
these are the ones that have provided numerous clients with great catches over the last 20 years.  And over these 20 years I found
they not only worked on redfish, black drum, sheepshead and speckled trout, but also on jack crevalle, cobia, tripletail, mangrove
snappers, red snappers, king mackerel, and tarpon.  Many of them caught largemouth & smallmouth bass, striped bass, peacock
bass, and other freshwater and saltwater species around the world.
These flies are durable (they won't come apart after 2-3 fish).  They come in a variety of colors and sizes to meet the needs of any fly
fisher.  We can also create these flies to your color specifications.
Kreature   designed to imitate multiple types of bait and can be fished slow like a crab or fast like a minnow or
shrimp.  I did not like fishing crab patterns, because you cannot retrieve a crab to imitate a minnow.  It is not
natural!  A
Kreature can be what you want it to be.    Available in size 1.  Colors:  rootbeer & tan;  green &
chartreuse;  purple & white; rootbeer & chartreuse; black & chartreuse . Specify barbell or XL bead chain eyes.  
Price ea.  $5.00
Kosmic Killer    originally designed for fishing grassy flats for reds, it is a great fly to through back in the
mangroves due to its weedless capabilities.  Available in sizes 4,1,1/0,3/0.  Colors:  
Original is rootbeer
& chartreuse,
Shad is purple & white,  Seminole is rootbeer & orange & tan, Shrimp is rootbeer & tan.   
Price ea. $5.50
Bunny-Bou    is a fly that is always moving.  A mixture of marabou & rabbit and tied so the
hook point rides up making it the perfect finicky or finesse fly.  Available in sizes 4,2.  Colors:
tan & brown; light olive & dark olive.  All have a spot of orange on them.    
Price ea. $5.00
Geaux Meaux     a larger variation of the Kreature and named by casting professor, David Diaz,
the Geaux Meaux is made to catch BIG redfish.  It is a large profile bait with plenty of action and flash
and works great on black drum, jack crevalle, tarpon,  and cobia.  Available in 2/0-3/0.   Colors:  
Purple & white;  Olive & chartreuse;  Chartreuse & white; Olive & white; black &Chartreuse
Price ea. $6.50
T - Meaux    is a compact version of the Geaux Meaux tied with craft fur instead of rabbit strip on the
tail.  It can be thrown on an 8 wt. rod  and is deadly on redfish & black drum.  Also works well on
nearshore species.  Available in 1/0 & 2/0.  Colors:  Purple, white, chartreuse; Olive, white, chartreuse;  
Chartreuse & pink; Tan & pink  
Price ea.  $6.00
B 3    The fly that has that leach look in the water.  Long rabbit tail with hackle collar and a big bushy chenille or
fiber head.  It is light enough to be thrown on an 9 wt. and it is loved by redfish, cobia, tarpon, snook, and jacks.  
Available in 2/0 & 3/0.   Colors:  Rootbeer, yellow;   Black, red;  Olive,Chartreuse, white: Purple & white.       
Price ea. $6.00
  •  Orders are accepted by the half dozen minimum per pattern only.     
Prices are per fly & include shipping (USPS regular).    Orders are to be paid in full before shipping, no COD's.   
  •  Special ordered fly prices will be determined upon receipt of order.
  •  Flies are tied on Mustad,  & Gamakatsu hooks.

             Remember cost of each fly includes shipping!!
Remember all of our flies work extremely well in both saltwater & freshwater
Hand Tied  Leaders
Redfish & Bass      
available in 7 & 9 feet without shock & comes in  12#, 16#, 20# test .  
Windy or regular.   
Price per two pack $5.25 (includes shipping)
available in 7 & 9 feet and in 4#,6#,8#,10# test.
Specify Windy or regular
Price per two pack $5.25 (includes shipping)
To order flies:
1.  Contact us with the pattern(s) of choice.  Tell us size(s), color(s), how many of each pattern.            
              Best way to order is to call the number below.
2. We will contact you with order verification and amount of order.

3.  Payment can be check or money order and the
order must be paid in full before orders are shipped.
To order leaders
1.  Contact us with the leaders of choice.  Tell us type, length,  pound test, size of fly line connected to, windy or
regular style, and how many of each type (minimum order per 2 & price includes shipping standard
Best way to place order is to call the number above.
2. We will contact you with order verification and amount of order.
3.  Payment can be check or money order and
order must be paid in full before shipping.
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Drummer Boy      one of the most visual tailing fish in our marsh are the Black Drum.  They reach weights of
over 40# and live in 1-2 feet of water.  The trick is to get them to eat a fly.  Over the years I created this pattern
that seemed to work very well.  Available in 1/0 & 2/0.  Colors are black & olive; black & orange; rootbeer &
Price ea.  $6.00
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After 20 years of guiding fly fishing, and fishing for over 45 years I have seen many leaders.  Pardon the "pun" but it is "the
between you, your fly, and the fish.  Different weather conditions, weight or bulk of the fly, types of presentation needed,
all dictate certain leader formulas to make your presentation a success.  We hand tie leaders to meet fishing conditions in our area
but, you will also find them very applicable in many areas around the world.  We use perfection loops for loop to loop connections to
the fly line and connect each leader section via double uni-knots that make probably the strongest connections you can use when
building a leader to catch your fish of a lifetime.
click on image for larger viewing size
Call us with your order so we can talk to
you and get exact details.
Call the number below after 7pm CST
Krimp  A new pattern to the Kosmic line.  A cross between a crab pattern & a shrimp pattern yields "Krimp".  
It has landed everything from sheepshead, to monster black drum and of course reds of all sizes.
Can be thrown on an 8 wt and fished slow or fast.
Available in size 1 & 1/0.  Colors: Rust & white,  Tan,pink, & white; brown & white or Olive, white &
chartreuse; black & chartreuse.
It is one of my favorites!!  
Price ea. $6.00
The Louisiana Marsh Bag     includes 2 Kosmic Killers, 2 Kreatures, 2 Krimps, 2 T-Meaux's, a $45 dollar
selection for only $40.  Specify colors & sizes.

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